Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sushi Tei - revisit

Yeaaahh more on sushi.. Sushi Tei is my top choice for sushi, where I can enjoy both traditional and fusion sushi here.. There's no others place I can find for better sushi to eat at in Jakarta so far..

The sushi bar is located at the middle of the restaurant.. So packed..

Here's what we had for our dinner...

Started with Agedashi Tofu (22K), deep fried tofu in shoyu sauce topped with bonito flakes.. As usual, the tofu was nice and soft.. This is my 'a must order dish' everytime I visit Sushi Tei hehe...

Salmon Maki (11K), sushi roll with raw salmon inside...

Chuka Lidako (16K), baby octopus sushi.. I don't like it, I think its too scary to eat hehe.. But E said it was tasty as usual..

Baked Salmon Maki (16K), sushi roll with baked salmon inside.. One of my fave...

Chuka Chinmi (11K), scallop sushi.. I don't really like this, but this is E's fave..

Stamina Roll (22K), teriyaki chicken with cashew nut sushi roll, topped with fried garlic.. I liked it, it was so tasty..

Ace Roll (37K), the rice was rolled with baked tuna and tempura flakes in the middle, with a thick piece of lightly smoked tuna on top of the sushi.. It was a little bit pricey but the portion was ok with lots of meaty stuffing.. I'm not sure what this sushi called and this sushi doesn't appear on the menu.. But just ask the waiter ace roll, they'll know it..

Sushi Tei is quite familiar among all food goers, and we know that their sushi always taste nice, the rice is soft and with fresh ingredient.. And I don't mind going back again n again when I'm craving for sushi..

Sushi Tei
Plaza Indonesia 1st Floor #102 A&C
Jl. M. H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 39835108/09

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crazy lil outspoken girl said...

lg2 postingan kita samaaa...
my last review is sushi tei too!
bout a week ago...
and yes,same with you..i think they are soooo great!