Friday, August 21, 2009

The Grand Duck King

The both of us were thinking of something Asian, something Chinese, for dinner and we ended up with The Grand Duck King at Grand Indonesia because we curious what's the difference this The 'Grand' Duck King with the usual Duck King Restaurant we've tried..

The selection on their menu is actually quite wide. A quick glance of their menu shows that they served Chinese style dishes. But since there were only two of us, we opted for single serve meals.

This restaurant has a really spacious place and more luxurious than others Duck King Restaurant.. It has a fine dining ambiance..

I love the spot where we seated that nite, from here we can see a nice view of Plaza Indonesia

After seated and order taken, we was served with this Seasoned Fried Potato (6K)..

From their dim sum selections, we ordered Chicken Char Siew Pao (14.8K), steamed bun with stuffed BBQ roasted chicken.. It was just ok.. It had a fluffy texture bun with a savoury and just slightly sweet filling of chicken char siew.

Steamed Rice Roll with Chinese Crullers (17.8K), a crisp Chinese crullers wrapped in silken steamed rice rolls served with seasoned soy and savory-sweet nutty paste to drizzle it.. It was a soft and chewy rice noodles with crispy crullers..

And for the next course, I ordered Hong Kong Wonton Noodle-Dry (35K). The wonton was quite big and has a tasty filling of minced chicken and shrimps..

E ordered this Hainanese Chicken Rice with Steamed Chicken (35K).. Not satisfied enough with this dish, the chicken rice was ok but the portion of steamed chicken was too small..

So what makes this 'Grand' Duck King different from usual Duck King Restaurant, besides their more luxurious place, they also have more various menu here.. And for the price, I think is quite same.. The Duck King Group always serve a decent halal Chinese restaurant in Jakarta..

The Grand Duck King
Grand Indonesia 3A Floor, Unit GD 1-1
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 23580835/45


Anonymous said...

i'm sorry..
but i'm curious about the currency :D
you mentioned the price in "K".. what about you compare it to Rupiah?
i mean, for example 17.8K will turn to be how much rupiah is that? hehe.. thx :)

Lolo said...

All price is stated in Rupiah.. so if 17.8K means 17800 rupiah :)