Monday, August 03, 2009

Ce Wei BBQ Restaurant

It was my mom's birthday last July and we had dinner with whole family at Chinese Restaurant Ce Wei, in Plaza Damas..

The selection on their menu is actually quite wide.. Beside of this ala-cart menu, they have several selection of dim sum and one dish meals, which only available till late afternoon..

Ce Wei Restaurant occupies a rather large space with a simple and modern layout..

These are what we had for dinner..

They greeted us with this two appertizers, but not a compliment.. One is Papaya Pickles (6K), sourish and quite refreshing..

And the other one is Sweet Dried Fish (6K), sweet and crispy, This was quite a good tasting appetizer..

First, for the drinks..

Ce Wei Special Edition Tea (18.8K). I don't know exactly what kind of tea it was, but its quite unique though.. That was a second after poured by hot water, and wait for another minutes..

Looks the tea leaf was bloomed.. It was quite pretty, but tasted just like an ordinary Chinese tea..

We started out with the soups, my mom ordered two kinds of soup, this a simple Crab and Corn Soup (24.8K), crab meat with sweet corn in thick soup..

Next is, Fish Apple Soup (28.8K), the soup was sweet, refreshing, with no fishy smell and incredibly healthy to drink and eat it..

Deep Fried Stuffed Chinese Cruller with Squid (79.6K - 2 portions), coated with mayonaise and topped with chicken floss.. Its was real good, tasty and crunchy.. I really liked it..

Chinese BBQ with Two Combinations (98.8K), roast pork and duck.. Both was quite ok, the skin was crispy and the meat was tender enough..

We also had Spinach Tofu with Mushroom (105.6K - 2 portions) , a perfectly golden brown tofu with a layer of spinach on top side poured with rich and savoury gravy sauce, serving with generous golden straw mushroom.. The beancurd was soo soft, this got to be my favorite dish tonite..

Fried Pepper Calamari (76K - 0.4kg), just an ordinary deep fried calamari.. I don't really like calamari, but the others said its was tasty..

Deep Fried Fish with Soy Sauce (294K - 0.7kg), a deep fried grouper fish drenched with soy sauce.. I'm sorry I didn't take the picture of the whole fish, my mom asked the waiter to serve it right away.. This was not really good, the fish was too crispy and dry.. It should be crunchy on outside but soft and juicy on inside..

Next is similar like calamari one, but this is scallop.. Fried Pepper Scallop (257.6K - 2 portions), deep fried scallops with pepper.. Crispy batter on the outside and tender moist scallops on the inside.The scallop was really fresh, tasted really nice, crunchy, and juicy..

Deep Fried Shrimp on Bamboo Stick (157.6K - 2 portions), ground up shrimp coated in breadcrumbs on stick and deep fried.. It was crunchy, tasty, and juicy on the inside.. It was really nice to go with its sour sweet sauce..

And for the veggies, we opted Stir Fried Dou Miau (117.6K - 2 portions), this leafy dou miau was lightly tossed with garlic..

Overall, I would say that I found the food is just mediocre but nice to try..

Ce Wei BBQ Restaurant
Intiland Tower Ground Floor
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 32
Central Jakarta
Telp. (62 21) 57852580 / 79


Sujay said...

Good colors and frames.

ultranguik said...

have you tried their dim sum? quite tasty and not that expensive either. rp9800 during their happy hour. i'm a frequent visitor at ce wei gading

Lolo said...

I've tried some, yup quite tasty tho..