Saturday, September 26, 2009

Modern Toilet

As I said, here's our food journey in Hong Kong... I'm sure there's no this type of restaurant in Jakarta yet.. Modern Toilet Restaurant is a full on toilet theme restaurant comes from Taiwan, they have two branches already in Hong Kong.. They open from 12AM-12PM, so don't plan your breakfast to this restaurant..

The colorful entrance, do you notice the lamp hanging on the ceiling? It is a feces like lamp and there also some huge toilet pumps hanging on the ceiling too..

The interesting menu, full of funny and interesting foods.. The menu is raging from Western to Asian selections..

So many tantalizing choices on the menu, since its impossible for us to order all.. So here it is, I give you some shots from the menu..

Feels like in the toilet.. You'll sit on a stylish acrylic toilet..

The seat, the table, the decoration, the bowl, the glass, everything they set up in toilet related decor.. And everyone dines at a glass table with a sink or bathtub underneath..The waiters will serve your meal on a mini toilet bowl or others mini toilet dishware.. Soo unique and adorable yaa...

Kiwi Juice (HKD 20/IDR 26K), fresh kiwi juice in mini urinal toilet..

Cute or eeuwwh? hehe.. But the juice is refreshing with kiwi chunks on it..

We started with this Dinosaurs' Egg (HKD 30/IDR 39K).. Haha curious what is it? it's a chicken corn nugget, its really tasty thou.. We like this a lot..

E ordered Bacon Baked Spaghetti (HKD 60/IDR 78K), baked spaghetti and pork bacon topped with melted mozzarella serve in mini cute bathtub..

This cream corn soup with garlic breads come in one set menu with this baked spaghetti..

For the dessert, my frenz ordered this huge Chocolate Ice Mix (HKD 40/IDR 52K), chocolate ice shaved topped with biscuits, jelly, chocolate paste, chocolate chips, and chocolate ice cream.. It was fun digging the ice shaved to find out what is the inside.. The inside is all bout chocolate and really a complete dessert..

Looks on the other side..

So u decide its appetizing or yucky?.. What do you think? I know it sounds a bit 'yucky' but trust me the food was quite nice.. Should they open in Jakarta? Hehe.. Ok guys, till then more updates again about Hong Kong foods in next post..

Modern Toilet
Causeway Bay Branch;
Shop 4E, 4th Floor
Capitol Centre
5-19 Jardine's Bazaar
(Causeway Bay MTR Exit F, located above Watson's)

Mongkok Branch;
Shop 3B, 3rd Floor
MPM Building
240-244 Portland Street
(Mongkok MTR Exit C4/E1, opposite Langham Place)
Shop 4E, 4th floor

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Miss Zane said...

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