Friday, September 11, 2009

Kihana Restaurant

Yup, finally we find a new favorite Japanese Restaurant to dine, Kihana.. Actually, Kihana is not a really new restaurant in Jakarta, but its new to us since we just tried it.. And this restaurant instantly become our favorite, we have been there twice in a month hehe.. What is make this restaurant so special? Let's take a look..

When we have a quick look on their menu, we noticed that there some menu similar to Kiyadon Restaurant.. We found out from the waiters that because they have the same owner..

The interior of the restaurant is really soothing, warm lightnings with a modern touch..

The elegant sushi bar with a gorgeous chandelier in the middle of it.. We sat near the sushi bar, which was nice looking the chef prepared our sushi..

The Japanese seasonings.. Ready to eat? Let's see what we had for dinner..

Ok these are what we had on the 1st visit..

Sasuki Maki (55K), its all about mushroom on sushi roll.. It's really good and recommended for mushroom lovers..

Volcano Sushi (68K), nice appearance yah.. The mayonnaise on top looks like lava..

I love the combination of tamago, salmon, and avocado mixed in spicy mayonnaise inside the sushi and topped with more mayonnaise..

Wantan Ramen (70K), spicy Japanese ramen with wantan.. The ramen was wise, had a chewy texture and went great with the spicy broth.. This is the first time I find wantan in Japanese Restaurant, but they tasted nice..

And more on the 2nd visit, of course with different menus..

Spicy Black Bomb (58K), came with a great n unique appearance.. Curious about what is the black skin made of? Looks like seaweed but from its fragrant I think it is a black sesame, I'm not quite sure..

So what is the inside? It's a mixed of tuna, cheese, and spicy sauce if I'm not mistaken.. Oh ya you also can opt either salmon or tuna for it..

Sushi Sandwich (60K), a deep fried crispy salmon cutlet on the sushi topped with shredded kani and a bit floss.. Tasted good..

Gyu Curry Nabe Udon (75K), Japanese curry udon with sliced beef and came with a piece of ebi tempura..

Take a closer look, a hot boiling curry soup.. Mmm truly appetizing..

I love the smooth & chewy udon texture.. The curry was not too thick, it was just nice for up to slurp it..

Tamago Kani Maki (25K), kani sushi rolled with tamago wrap topped with floss.. Simple but nice..

All in all, we have a great experience in Kihana.. We love the food here, it was delightful.. Have a good taste and nice appearance.. For the price is on the higher side, but I think its worth every Rupiah..

Kihana Restaurant
Plaza Indonesia, 1st Floor
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 3107596


Miss Zane said...

ooowh Zane wants to try !!!

Dr. B said...

i love this place!!!!!!!!!!

try the pasta... i forgot the name but i posted it on my blog. very delicious....

Lolo said...

@Dr.B; Is it spicy salmon creamy pasta? I tried once but in Kiyadon.. yup its delicious..