Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ah Tuan ee's

We were looking to experience something new this time, so while we're in Pacific Place we visited ah Tuan ee's Restaurant which is originated from Malaysia.. The food selection on the menu is heavily influenced by Chinese Malaysia style (Malaysian Nyonya foods)..

When you step into the restaurant, you will feel as if you are stepping back into time.. The restaurant is decorated in Malay's house style with antique items, wooden tables & chairs, and hanging birdcage lamp.. What a lovely sight..

For the drink..

Soya Bean with Grass Jelly (14K), sweetened soy bean milk drink with strands of grass jelly inside..

We started up with Roti Canai (20K), slightly crispy roti canai served with tasty chicken curry..

Mie Siam (32K), stir fried vermicelli with seafood, tofu and veggies in spicy, sweet, sour sauce.. It was nice, the seafood were fresh with some huge juicy prawns..

Next, Golden Tofu Spicy (52K), deep fried silken tofu topped with spicy minced chicken, mushroom, and sprinkled with small fried anchovies.. The tofu was crispy outside and very soft inside, really a nice texture.. Tasty and appetising..

I love the taste of the food here.. A nyonya meal usually covers the taste from hot, sour to sweet.. It's really full of taste..

ah Tuan ee's
Pacific Place 4th Floor
SCBD, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
South Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 57973364

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