Saturday, January 02, 2010

May Star Restaurant

It's 2010!! Another year has gone, cheers to year 2010 peeps! Happy New Year.. Let's we continue our food journey in 2010 (^_^)..

May Star is one of a must-go restaurants for dim sum lovers.. It was a Sunday noon, I was invited by E's family for dim sum.. For me having a dim sum on Sunday is like a brunch in Chinese tradition hehe..

The restaurant was bustling and full.. Actually, the place is spacious, but it seems too crowd there..

The place was packed with families, having a dim sum is really a nice moment for family gathering.. The restaurant is always crowd on Sunday noon, so if you want to get the table soon just come early or you will end up in long waiting list..

So, what we have here..

Pigeon Soup (22K), a double boiled pigeon soup served in bamboo tube.. The pigeon meat was minced well into smooth texture and the soup was very light..

Snake Soup (38K).. What a scary things to eat yaa.. But don't worry, the snake meat was processed well so we won't see the whole snake meat.. I tried a sip and it was hard to really taste the snake meat since the meat was minced well and the soup was cooked well with overpowered flavor of all the other ingredients.. For me its tasted a little like shark fin soup with a bit sweet taste hehe..

Baked Char Siew Pau (14.8K), the char siew bun was baked with perfection to give its golden yellow color..

The sweet char siew filling was delectable..

Fried Chicken Curry Pau (14.8K)
, pan fried bun with chicken and potato curry filling.. Tasted so so only..

Fried Fish Siew mai (19.8K), a deep fried and crunchy fish siew may.. Tasted so so only..

Baked Char Siew Sou/BBQ Pork Pastry (14.8K), Chinese flaky pastry with char siew filling, with fragrant white sesame seeds on top and crispy at the bottom.. The char siew fillings were extremely juicy, succulent and delightful..

Hakau (16.8K), a springy and succulent shrimp in transparent & thin hakau skin, the freshness of the shrimps were commendable.. The thickness of hakau skin was just nice..

Siew Mai (16.8K), a typical Chinese pork siew mai.. It was delicious and juicy..

Chicken Feet (14.8K), a typical Chinese braised chicken feet with black pepper sauce.. I'm not fancy eating chicken feet, but E said its cooked well with a great flavor..

Minced Pork Cheong Fun (14.8K), rice flour rolls filled with minced pork served with its soy sauce.. Again, the ingredients were fresh which we appreciated and the rolls skin was nicely thin..

We finished off with some cold and sweet desserts..

Mango Pudding (18.8K). Such a silky-smooth mango pudding..

Coffee Pudding (18.8K). Have a nice coffee flavor..

Coconut Pudding, a smooth coconut pudding served on fresh young coconut.. We got this coconut pudding by promotions, every 200K spending on bill you can get one coconut pudding for free, so I'm sorry didn't know its price..

Gui Ling Kao, a Chinese herbal jelly, it tasted bitter and usually served with some liquid sugar or honey.. This herbal jelly is really good for your body, it helps cool your body.. We also got this for free, actually we got two free coconut puddings, but we asked to change one with this Gui Ling Kao..

Having dim sum at May Star Restaurant was a definitely a pleasant and satisfying experience.. They serve the food with guarantee fine quality of ingredients, a good dim sum makes a great brunch.. It's really a great place for dim sum.. I guess its worth the experience..

May Star Restaurant
Hotel Le Grandeur - 3rd Floor.
Jl. Mangga Dua Raya
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 6127880


Dr. B said...

just had brunch there this afternoon :) it's my fave dimsum place now, usually go to the one at Emporium Pluit Mal :)

JJ said...

mine too!
(btw, Dr. B baca blog ini jg ternyata :p)