Friday, July 24, 2009


This post is on another Japanese restaurant, Sakana.. We've been to this restaurant for several times but this is the first time posting it.. Some people may not notice this restaurant since its located inside the office building @ MidPlaza in Thamrin area..

When you step in, it's like stepping into some traditional Japanese place. You will have a private dinner here, coz all their dining area is separated in several rooms.. One room only for one table, but they have different size of the room.. This was our dining room, small room with wooden tables and chair, and traditional Japanese paint on wall decorated the room! Such a nice sight!

The selection on their menu is actually quite wide..

We started with this Takoyaki (25K), six octopus balls topped with mayonaise, teriyaki sauce, and bonito flakes..

It tasted good, this is really the best takoyaki I ever tasted in Jakarta so far.. Do you know somewhere else? Please recommend me hehe..

Miso Karatanmen (42K), ramen with savoury beef tongue minced in spicy miso soup.. If you're into spicy food, this dish is a must try! I used don't like beef tongue, but this seriously nice just like ordinary beef meat for me.. This dish was amazing..

The ramen has a nice and chewy texture.. The soup was flavourful.. It's just good to fill up my stomach!

Not satisfied yet, we went on to order Okonomiyaki (38K), a noodle based Japanese savoury pancake topped with mayonnaise, teriyaki sauce, and bonito flakes..

More or less tasted a bit similar like takoyaki for me, but it was good..

We enjoyed dining in this restaurant. The food was good and the price for the food was moderate.. Overall, I like Sakana, and look forward to going back to try a few more dishes.. If you crave an authentic Japanese dishes, this could be the place that u can try..

Sakana Japanese Restaurant
MidPlaza, Basement Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 10-11
Central Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 5706200/5746452 Ext. 2020/2021

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