Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kafe Betawi

Yup.. From its name 'Kafe Betawi', we are sure that Jakartan food is on their menu...

Kafe Betawi has several branches spread in most shopping mall in Jakarta.. This time we tried one in Mal Kelapa Gading.. I love the interior here, the bright white dining area, modern design with a touch of Betawi style..

Hot Lemon (15K)

Tempe Goreng (6K), deep fried soybean cake/tempeh.. My fave food hehe..

Gado-gado Betawi (19K), Betawi style mixed vegetables salad with spicy peanut sauce dressing and served with melinjo crackers.. There's no keropok on it! Feel not complete yet having Gado-gado without keropok, so I ordered a plate of Keropoks (6K) for it hehe.. The nutty dressing was really good and you can ask the waiter, whether you like spicy peanut sauce or not..

Mie Tek-tek (23K), Jakartan fried noodle with shredded chicken, boiled egg, veggies in a bit gravy sauce.. The dish was spicy and delicious, I liked it they served it with a lot of keropoks and melinjo crackers..

They used spaghetti instead of ordinary egg noodle.. Nice combination.. That distinguished it from the ordinary one, which we usually can find from a street car vendor around Jakarta..

We had a great meal there and we will go there next time when we crave Indonesian food again..

Kafe Betawi
Mal Kelapa Gading I, Unit G # 199
Jl. Boulevard Kelapa Gading
North Jakarta
Tel. (62 21) 45844119

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