Monday, October 20, 2008

Kuppa Restaurant

Well, this will be my first posting bout restaurant review (^_^)v..Kuppa Restaurant @ Plaza Indonesia is Thailand cuisine with relatively adorable price. I guess this is the only one Kuppa in Jakarta, I can’t find any Kuppa branch here. Am I rite? Plz correct me if I’m wrong hehe…

The ambiance is quite cozy n the lighting a bit dreary, but sadly the sofa is shabby, some torn are patched using sticky tape (selotip). I thought they should consider renewing this sofa.

Rad Na Chicken

E ordered Rad Na Chicken (39.5K) is flat rice noodle (kwetiau) with chicken, mushroom, carrots, and veggie stir in gravy sauce. E said ‘it’s so yummy’, the sauce is tasty.

Pad Thai

I ordered Pad Thai (55.5K),is thin flat rice noodle (small kwetiau) with sliced tofu, shrimps,eggs, bean sprout stir fried in fish sauce and a bit tamarind juice and garnished with ground peanut. And served with a piece of lime. Its tasted good, not too oily but the shrimps are not fresh enough.

They prepared three kinds of chili. The first one on left side is sugar, maybe for their soup, Thailand typically soup is sour and hot. We used chili flakes (next to sugar), I suggest you take a bit of this chili flakes, coz it’s extremely hot.

Kuppa has plenty menus,there are appetizers like Thai Fish Cake (42.5K), Thai Prawn Cake (47.5K). Soups and curry selections, like Tom Yum Gong and Thai Oxtail Soup, there also Green Curry served with canai bread and many others. For their dessert you can choose Siam Ice Mix, and many others which can raise your appetite. However we decide not to have desserts, since we full already. Lastly, for the drinks we just ordered Aqua (10K).

Kuppa Restaurant
Plaza Indonesia, 3rd Floor Unit 19-21
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28 – 30

Central Jakarta

Tel. (62-21) 3983 8788

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