Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Birdcage which located @ Wijaya 9 is a very pleasant place to be and holds a variety of European comfort food such as seafood pastas, pizzas and grill steaks, accompanied by a wide range of wine selection.

Before the stair to the main restaurant, we can find a fancy boutique with a row of clothing imports in line behind the thick glass. Unlike the usual restaurant & lounge concept, Birdcage try to give forest ambiance represented by the implementation of furniture made of wood.

For the drinks we just ordered Chamomile Tea (20K).

Chamomile Tea

That nite we ordered Chicken Pesto Pasta (57K) and The Beefcake Pizza (61K) to share.

Chicken Pesto Pasta

The chicken is tender and the pasta is just ok.

The Beefcake Pizza

For the pizza, it’s a thin crust pizza type, which I don’t really like coz its getting hard when u not eat soon. For me, the pizza is not cheesy enough.

The Birdcage turns out to be a very cozy place to hang out, but for my opinion the place is not roomy enough, quite packed. The food is ok, but their price is slightly pricey. I think we pay more for their ambiance.

Jl. Wijaya 9 No. 23
South Jakarta
Tel. (021) 7392430

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